Key Achivements

  • Literacy of 84,200 women and girls in rural areas in 14 provinces of the Kingdom;
  • Training and support of 36,000 women for income-generating activities;
  • Creation of 960 literacy and supervisory positions for the benefit of license holders;
  • Creation of 360 centers for functional literacy and accompanying income-generating activities in 14 provinces;
  • Training in the management of argan cooperatives of 60 cooperatives and GIEs in the argan biosphere for the benefit of 2,400 women members;
  • Training and health awareness of 42,000 beneficiary women and girls;
  • Training on the new family code of 18,000 beneficiary women and girls;
  • Strengthening skills in the management of 156 local associations in 8 provinces …

Projects completed since 1998