Life in Agadir

Known as the main seaside destination of Morocco, the region of Agadir is a dynamic, modern and welcoming region. The city of Agadir has undeniable assets that give it an enormous potential for economic and social development.

It has a thousand-year-old cultural heritage, a nature as beautiful as diversified, a profusion of terroir products, as well as welcoming, warm and valiant inhabitants.

We have here wealth that only needs to be exploited in a respectful environment.

The region also welcomes more than 60,000 young students in different disciplines and in an environment that offers all the necessary assets for a successful integration into the professional world.

Economic environment  :

Morocco’s second largest economic hub behind Casablanca, Agadir has experienced a strong growth momentum in the space of a decade, thanks in particular to major infrastructure projects.

A number of achievements allow this conurbation to nurture the greatest ambitions.

An industrial center dedicated to the fishing industry, a large sports complex, major real estate and tourism investments, major structuring projects in various sectors, all serve as levers for growth and development at regional and national level.

Ville étudiante :

A pleasant town to live in Agadir offers at the same time opportunities for young students to enjoy its quality of life at a very accessible cost.

Sports and cultural infrastructures as well as its geographical nature allow young people to combine an academic life and activities of sport, leisure and entertainment.

The economic diversity and the number of companies operating in the region offer students great opportunities for internships, applied work and socio-professional integration.

Discover the “gadiri” activities:

Agadir, city of water sports

sports nautiques

Agadir, Taghazout, Mirleft, Sidi Ifni … these are the places of the Atlantic Coast which possess a treasure created by immense beaches, sand and wind, which make them paradise for the lovers of water sports as for: Windsurf, Surf, Jet ski, Kitesurf / flysurf, Wakeboard, Kayak, Wakeskate, Kneeboard, Diving, Spear fishing, Scuba diving, fishing…


Outings at sea

sortie en mer

If you stop by Agadir, it is strongly recommended to take a boat trip. You can find different locations on the marinadockfor sea tripsdepartures. This can be strolls on motor boats or on sailboats. Moreover the coast is magnificent, to discover it from another point of view worth the detour!



In less than an hour from Agadir, the cliffs and mountains of Mirleft are a unique place to learn the joys of paragliding. Pleasure, silence and freedom, there are multiple sensations aboard these true personal gliders.





randonnéesAgadir and its region offer you the choice between two large massifs: the Anti-Atlas, last chain of mountains before the Sahara, and the High Atlas, whose western part flows into the sea. The landscapes are of unique beauty and contrast between arid and stony stretches and valleys with abundant and varied vegetation that delight the walker.

Horse Riding

équitationFoot in the stirrup! The wide open spaces of Agadir and its region are conducive to the wildest walks: forests, beaches, mountain trails; nature is offered to you. Agadir has four equestrian clubs that offer initiations and ballads.


VTTbiking enthusiasts will be able to devote themselves to their passion, discovering unique sites and landscapes around the city of Agadir.



For the thrill-seekers, the city has several courses for quad or buggy raids.



The town has a karting which spreads out over 5 hectares.

The club offers courses for piloting or races.What a great timespending with friends!



GO PARK AGADIR PAINTBALL in Universiapolis offers you the perfect setting for a good party with friends or family.



Tennis lovers will be thrilled in the city with the largest number of clay courts in the world!



Agadir is the perfect seaside resort for golf stays with its tempered climate no matter the season. Agadir has 4 golf courses of a high quality:

  • Golf du soleil
  • Golf des Dunes
  • Royal Golf d’Agadir
  • Golf de l’Océan