Cultural Life & Communities


Universia Events is the “event” part of Universiapolis. Rather than a classic BDE, our office aims to unite the students of the University around student activities combining fun, lucidity and a real community life.

Indeed, Universia Events aims to imbue the values ​​of confraternity, excellence and altruism among the students of Universiapolis. As a result, its mission is naturally the continuity of Universiapolis’ primary vocation, that of a university that wants to be through different cultures and the quintessence of Africa more than ever united and determined to break through peacefully, to come up. Thus, we act in the direction of creating an unprecedented movement; Music, theater, conferences, sports, excursions and organized trips.

The action plans are intended to be consensual and in the spirit of time. Universiapolis students will be free to suggest, manage and carry out their own activities.

Universia Events is a vast pool of new ideas ensuring unforgettable experiences!