Nos lauréats Témoignent

  • El hadj IBRADJOUM

    Promotion 1995

    After graduating from ISIAM, I was a marketing manager within a leasing institution. Right after,I integrated the Orange group as a trade engineer. Today I carrywith me positive points of my experiencein ISIAM, because thanks to that,I had a competitive advantage in the labor market in Africa. Among the values that have impressed me, the competitive spirit that allowed me to succeed in my professional life, but also on a personal enrichment level because today it led me to becomechampion shooterin Africa.

  • Reda Mourjanou

    Promotion 2000-2004

    After graduating from ISIAM, I applied to HEC Montréal to prepare a Master in Web e-commerce.

    Evolving at ISIAM in a Canadian education system and using North American methods, I was able to easily integrate within HEC Montréal. Today, I developed my professional career in Canada.

  • David SANCHEZ

    Promotion 2013 Entrepreneur

    After my Baccalaureate, my choice quickly went on ISIAM which offered me a more global vision of business management. In connection with this creationwillingness, I was able, thanks to the partnership agreement with the University of Lorraine, to applyto theMaster Entrepreneurship and project development ofMetz IAE. I am proud of my career at ISIAM not only for its involvement in my business administration training but for its partnership in the foundation of my company.

  • Asmae RYADI

    Promotion 2010 Patient Services & Relations officer at Beijing United Family Hospital

    During my studies, I had the pleasure of having excellent teachers, from whom I had really great memories. Today, I am a Patient Services & Relations officer in an American hospital in Beijing. It’s a job that connects the relational and marketing side, two qualities that I developed during my courses at ISIAM. I can only thank the whole team for the wonderful memories I have kept of my studies.

  • Sémou Mama Diop

    Promotion 1994-1996

    It has been over thirteen years since I left Morocco, Agadir and ISIAM, but the memories of these two years of study remain perennial and loquacious in my mind. One realizes his or her happiness only when it becomes evanescent.

    I remember how we were warmly welcomed at the airport of Agadir, lodged a few milesfrom the school, helped and advised for the administrative formalities and others. The neighborhood Dakhlawas for us a village of students of diverse origins who knew how to mingle, understand and love each other. One of the most rewarding experiences.

    What to say about the school and its faculty? Simply “Thank you”.

  • Abdessamad KHAY

    Promotion 1992 Trade manager

    I am proud to bepart of the first promotion of ISIAM. I was able to join the COPAG group as a trade manager one year after graduating from the 2nd cycle. Even today, I rely on these values of rigor in work and versatility that make ISIAM an excellencenational reference. Thanks to the partnership with the “Université de Moncton”, I was able to complete my training by getting an MBA.

  • Anas El Hachimi

    Promotion 2004-2009 Business engineer at Movitech

    Opting for a double degree program at the EcolePolytechnique of Agadir, I’ve developed a double profile: Engineer in industrial engineering and Master in Logistics. Both programs have helped me enhancing my skills within the job market and to choose a company that allows me to develop in my specializationfield. At Movitech, my mission is to advise and support customers who wish to develop their Logistics management using a range of technical solutions. After a few months of professional activities, I find that the training at the Polytechnic School of Agadir has helped me develop not only technical skills but also the necessary managerial skills in our profession.

  • Nasser BOUQSSIM

    Promotion 1995 Entrepreneur

    As soon as I graduated, I decided to start my own business. My entrepreneurial willingness was inspired by the project of feasibility study that I did in my second year. This desire was realized in 1995 by the foundation of the first news agency specialized in communication and events: SUD CONTACT. In 2002, aware of the challenges of the sector, I applied to the Master Entrepreneurs and SME Development.

  • Yassine RANMOUNI

    Promotion 1995 Entrepreneur

    Talking about ISIAM would beworth talking about its pedagogy methods which aim to develop personal skills and adaptability. Today, as theGeneral Manager of ENTOURAGE ELECTRICITY and the President of CGEM-Souss Massa Draa, I believe that theISIAM valuesof excellence and leadership,are a part of me on a daily basis.

  • Mrs Rachida TAOUFIQUI

    Promotion 2006

    Thanks to my first cycle in Business Administration at ISIAM, I became familiar with the Canadian system, which facilitated my integration withinHEC Montréal and enabled me to achieve my business project goal in downtown Montreal.

  • Jalila BAADOUCH

    Promotion 2003-2008 Cost Engineer Analyste

    2008 promotion graduate of ISIAM in Marketing and Trade Management, and graduate student of the first promotion of the delocalized Master of the IAE of Metz in Logistics and quality, I had a solid and versatile training both practical and theoretical during my five Years of study at ISIAM. I was able to take advantage of the quality of the faculty who supervised me and helped improve my personal and professional skills.

    I currently hold the position of Cost Engineer Analyst at Alcatel-Lucent Morocco in Rabat: a multinational company that operates in the Telecoms industry.

    Thanks ISIAM.

  • Alioune Badara DRAME

    Promotion 1995 -1999 Group Project Cordinator

    After graduating from ISIAM in ControlManagement, I was able to integrate Air Afrique as a financial analyst. This experience led me to the foundation of a consulting firm in my country, Senegal. I successfullyimplemented the United Bank of Africa in Senegal and Guinea. Today, I live in Paris where I work as a Group Project Cordinator.

    I would like to thank the founders of ISIAM because they conveyedus the fundamentals of social success that are initiative, integrity and energy.