Student Services

The University offers you services and facilities that will make your life easier and allow you to easily integrate:

  • A team of advisers to your listening which accompanies you from the first contact until the realization of your inscription,
  • A reception committee, for students who come from outside Agadir, who ensures the completion of the registration procedure, your installation at the University Residence, your familiarization with your new environment,
  • A godfather will accompany you throughout your first year will guide,
  • A health center offers you the opportunity for free doctor consultation within the campus

For International Students, the University offers you:

  • A host committee that monitors the completion of registration procedures, your installation at the University Residence, your familiarity with your new environment,
  • An interlocutor who will accompany you during the whole phase of preparation for your registration, including the Visa obtention
  • An interlocutor who assists you in all your procedures and procedures for obtaining the residence permit

Telephones and Emails Contact persons:

Business School

  • Tel : 0528 22 32 10
  • Mail : info@isiam.ma

Polytechnique School of Engineers

  • Tel : 0528 23 34 34
  • Mail : info@e-polytechnique.ma

School of Hospitality and Tourism

  • Tel : 0528 23 66 50
  • Mail : e-tourisme@universiapolis.ma

School of Communication

  • Tel : 0528 23 33 51
  • Mail : suphcom.agadir@gmail.com

A library and documentation center :

The library has over 18,000 books, including 8,000 scientific and technical titles. To ensure the best working conditions, the library provides students with a reading space, areas for concentration and a Wifi area. Students also have access to a virtual library with thousands of books.

Language center:

The teaching of modern languages ​​is at the heart of the pedagogical orientations of our University.

The personal development of our students and their open-mindedness internationally oriented involves the practice of languages.

In order to ensure a fast and efficient learning, our University has a language institute and an e-learning platform in partnership with the British Council to learn English with a personalized rhythm, an internationally recognized certification.

A business incubator:

A Business Incubator space integrated within the campus, makes available to students carrying projects, premises, equipment, a secretariat and support to successfully start their business.

This structure is in line with the awareness and training measures for entrepreneurship in our various programs. The incubator also hosts startups and offshore technology companies.