Polytechnic Agadir organized a ceremony in honor of the students’ team that ranked 1st on the Moroccan scale and 30th in the world, at the international competition Shell Eco-Marathon held in London from 30th June to 3rd July 2016.
This team of eight engineering students of the Polytechnic Agadir –Universiapolis, has developed a prototype vehicle the OPTIMAR project. This project lasted 8 months, from design to construction in the workshops of the Universiapolis University, and allowed the team to qualify to the final phase of the Shell Eco-Marathon London 2016. This competition gathers more than 3,000 engineers, 260 teams and 28 countries, aims to develop environment-friendly automotive systems with low energy consumption.
The OPTIMAR team recorded a score of 107 km per liter of gasoline and a timing of 41.38 minutes. It was thus ranked 30 th out of 114 teams that get in circuits.
Encouraging this kind of performance, Universiapolis organizes a welcoming ceremony to congratulate the engineering students for this honorable result. The ceremony will take place at the Henri Tudor Universiapolis conference room Monday,18th July 2016 at 16:00.