Research Center

Structure of the research center :


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Unit :

  • Created in 2008 in partnership with CEREFIGE of Nancy and LAREMI of Metz.

Industrial and Logistics Unit :

  • Created in 2011 in partnership with the Laboratory of Automation and Process Engineering – CNRS Lyon and the National School of Superior Agronomy and Food Industry of Nancy (ENSAIA) and the Industrial Engineering and Maintenance Unit.

Materials and Mechanical Simulations Unit :

Valorisation :

Business incubator :

  • Created in 2006 to support project promoters, the incubator ensures supervision, accommodation and follow-up throughout the period of creation and development.

Fields of intervention :

  • Awareness-raising: Ensure promotions of entrepreneurial spirit through information sessions on the creation – business takeover, for students and researchers members of the center.
  • Detection: Rely on research and methodical monitoring for the detection of ideas and projects of creation of companies.
  • Validation: Evaluate the projects according to the criteria of financial viability, market research, managerial capacities … etc.
  • Support: Assist project developers in the development of their business plans and provide practical assistance in the areas of technology, marketing, financing …
  • Coaching: Implement training – action to develop entrepreneurial and managerial skills.
  • Financial closure: Establish with the promoter a financing plan for his project and allow him to meet financial partners.
  • Launch: Assist in administrative procedures and optimize the launch time of the company.
  • Hosting: Offer the young company the possibility of being hosted within the incubator and offer all the necessary tools for its operation (offices or equipped workshops, office equipment, common secretariat, meeting room, IT support, telecoms …).
  • Follow-up: Ensure a strategic follow-up of the young company during its first year and help to build a vision and to make decisions before committing to a real autonomy.